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The objectives of the Implementation Group are:

1. To identify the best pathway to promote the use of Irish law and Irish legal services in contracts and transactions by communicating the existing advantages of Irish law, the Irish legal system and the Irish courts.


2. To oversee the implementation of a formal strategy to promote Irish based legal services on the basis of our pro-business, English speaking, Common Law justice system, our continued membership of the European Union, the Irish judiciary's international record of integrity, fairness and impartiality and the extensive experience and expertise of the Irish legal profession. 


3. To consider what steps are required to ensure that Ireland’s dispute resolution system is best positioned to meet international expectations and the needs of international as well as domestic court users as an effective, responsive, reliable and cost-effective legal infrastructure.


4. To ensure that the Irish Government and State Agencies lead the way in promoting the use of Irish law and Irish legal services in contracts and business transactions generally. 


5. To ensure the proper alignment of the legal services strategy with IFS 2025.


6. To identify what reporting structures are required, in order to monitor the success of the project.


7. To provide a preliminary report to Government and thereafter develop the comprehensive plan of action.

Ireland for Law is the banner brand for Ireland's International Legal Services Strategy. The brand has been created to represent and position Ireland’s international legal services industry.  A Government-led initiative, Ireland for Law represents a key milestone in moving to a strategic and co-ordinated approach to promoting Irish Law and Irish Legal Services to the international business community, particularly in areas where Ireland is already a world leader, including aviation finance, funds, insurance, tech, pharma and life sciences.


Chaired by former Taoiseach John Bruton, the creation of the Ireland for Law banner brand is a key action of the Government's Brexit Strategy and complements the IFS2025 International Financial Services Strategy. In October 2019, The Government of Ireland established an Implementation Group to implement the strategy. Its members are:

The Attorney General - Paul Gallagher SC

The Bar of Ireland - Patrick Leonard SC, Paul McGarry SC

The Law Society of Ireland - Michele O'Boyle, President of the Law Society, Liam Kennedy, Solicitor  

IDA Ireland - Shane Nolan, Senior Vice President, Eleanor Treanor (alternate)

Department of An Taoiseach - John Shaw, Assistant Secretary General

Department of Justice & Equality - Oonagh Buckley, Deputy Secretary General

Department of Public Expenditure & Reform - Ronnie Downes, Assistant Secretary General

Department of Finance - Karen Cullen, Head of International Financial Services, Risk and Management

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade - James Kingston, Legal Adviser, Michael Lonergan, Deputy Director General (alternate)

Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation - Brian Walsh, Deputy Head of Inward Investment and North-South Unit, Richard Scannell, Head of the Unit (alternate)

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